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Practice Bag Essentials

As you start getting ready for your next season of rehearsals, practices, and auditions, one of the items that always needs to be fully equipped is your bag. Thereís nothing worse than realizing that you forgot to bring your deodorant, for instance, on your first day of class. If you want to stay ahead of the game and make your teacher proud, take a look at Starline Batonís list of essentials to pack in your dance bag. Show up to your next baton twirling class fully prepared with these key life-saving items:

Posted: 10/24/2016

Basic Supplies for the Beginning Baton Twirler

First of all, welcome to the baton twirling family! Beside getting a new baton, there are some supplies that youíll need to purchase to be equipped for your first baton twirling class. Wearing a proper outfit, carrying your items in an appropriate bag, or adding a touch of color with some ribbons or flags can make you shine as a star on your first day! At Starline Baton, we want to make you look like a pro, even if you are just a beginner. With this in mind, we have prepared a list with some of the basic supplies every beginner should start with:

  • Baton: This is the most obvious piece of equipment. However, not every type of baton will be the right fit for you. For beginners, most teachers recommend the Starlet Baton. Its affordability and simple style have made this baton one of our top sellers. We carry two sizes: ⅜ inches and a thicker one with 7/16 inches.
  • Cases and Bags: The wide variety of cases available to carry your baton can make choosing the winning case a tedious task. Sizes and colors aside, getting a strap for your case is definitely something that you should consider to easily carry your baton.
  • Footwear: Choosing the right shoes is crucial to perform at your full potential. Our United Baton Shoes are designed exclusively for twirlers which make them one of the best options available for beginners. Oh, and donít forget to get yourself a good pair of tights!
  • Hoop Baton: The hoop baton is a circular baton that offers a different perspective to your performance. Itís fun to use and highly recommended for novices.

Posted: 10/10/2016

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