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Baton Twirling is a Gender Neutral Sport

The history of baton twirling is pretty vague in its origins, but the sport has evolved through men as drum majors, using rifles, sticks, maces, and mallets. It wasnít until twirling started to include a baton that women became involved in it and practically took over the sport. Today, baton twirling may be a sport dominated by females, but it is certainly not a womanís only sport. Whether they picked up baton twirling from a sister or another source, boys have been moving into the sport and steadily gaining in numbers. In the United States, the estimated ratio for girls to boys that twirl are about 40-1, but in other countries the numbers are much more evenly distributed. With such low numbers, it can be awkward and uncomfortable for boys just starting out. They may be the only male twirler in a program. Often, itís not until a boy moves into competitions that he will come across other like-minded boys interested in the fine art of baton twirling. Male champion twirlers

Posted: 1/19/2018

More Tips for Baton Twirling Beginners

Good baton twirlers make it look easy, but for anyone thatís ever tried it, they discover itís harder than it looks. The trick is to master the basics, then itís easier to move on to more complicated twirling routines and tosses. Tips on Baton Twirling for Beginners Have the correct baton length. Batons have different tips and varied shaft styles and diameters. The standard 3/8 inch shaft and rounded balls and tips are suggested for beginners. Watch videos about the basics of twirling. YouTube has a great list of resources for the basics of baton twirling. Find a class. Search online for baton twirling organizations such as the World Baton Twirling Federation (WBTF). Many competition web sites have sections on finding local classes for beginners and twirlers who want to move onto competitions. Practice, practice, practice and then practice some more. Developing the dexterity, smoothness, fluidity, and speed of baton twirling takes patience and practice. Customers

Posted: 1/5/2018

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