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Our web site was designed and built knowing that almost 5 in 10 of our visitors use a tablet or a smartphone. So we took a long look at the existing site and decided we could improve the experience for all.

We committed ourselves to making the site easy to use with a modern design that looks great and functions with ease on all devices.

We hope you like the results.

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New Products

Ultra Thin Batongrip

Zebra Bear W/O Baton

Water Bottle

Freestyle Batongrip

Twirl Batongrip

United Baton Shoes

Leopard Tiger Bear W/O Baton

Popular Products


Sparkle Case


Remo Prizmatic Double Jingle Tambourine 10 Inch


Starlet, Thicker Starlet


InStep Shoes - Tan


Fluted Super Star 3/8 in.


Lite Star Baton 3/8 & 7/16 In.


Neon Case Large


Baby Baton

Recently Viewed

Remo Religious Double Jingle Tambourine 8 inch

Sensicore Plain Super Star Thicker 7/16 in.

Neon Case Large

Water Bottle

United Baton Shoes

Mace Case

Sparkle Case

Baton Pierced Earrings (Gold or Silver)

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Our Commitment

Read the message from Tyler Crum regarding the company's commitments and promises.

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Recent Blog Post

Tips on Starting Baton Twirling

Good baton twirlers make it look easy, but for anyone thatís ever tried it, they discover itís harder than it looks.

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Twirling Tip

We've made it real easy to learn how to measure for a baton. Click below and read or watch the video.

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We have over two years of blogs available covering all kinds of topics, and we continue to add new ones. Catch up on our latest blog posts.
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Links are what make the web work, without them we wouldn't get anywhere. Explore other Twirling sites and submit your own links to add to the exchange.
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We attend events year-round and worldwide and enjoy sharing the pictures we capture with you. We also encourage you to share your photos as well.
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