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Archive for September, 2016

Habits of Those Who Win at Competitions

It is another competition, and you see the same two people and think to yourself “Great. NOW how am I supposed to win if so and so is here? They ALWAYS win!” However, instead of negatively thinking about it, how about approaching it as “I wonder what they are doing to ensure they bring their A game every time, and what can I do differently to get on that upper-echelon level?” The experts in everything related to baton twirling at Starline Baton let you in on a few secrets of the habits at those who always seem to win.

  • The Night Before Visualization: Before going to bed each night, winners visualize every nuance of their routine and see themselves doing it perfectly. That foot that their coach is always telling them to point? Fixed! Not spotting the correct way sometimes in the routine? Fixed! By visualizing the whole routine executed flawlessly, it helps the mind prepare for what the body w

Posted: 9/12/2016

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