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The Benefits of Competition for Young Twirlers

Your young twirler has been going to practice for a while now, and then their coach asks if you want to enter some baton twirling competitions. Youíre not sure. You worry it could put pressure on your child and cause stress or lowered self-esteem if they do not win, Before you decide, you should know the benefits of healthy competition for young children. Healthy competition in predetermined doses can positively assist in your childís overall development and self-esteem. Take a look at what our Star Line professionals have compiled.

Posted: 5/31/2017

Good Foods to Eat the Morning of Competition Day

Itís the morning of competition day. You wake up and think of the day ahead of you. Youíll likely be performing at least five separate times with some rounds right after the next and others with a five-hour gap. Thereís so much to do, and you're anxious to get started, but in all of the excitement, you must remember to eat. It's easy to forget this small but crucial part of the day, especially with no appetite, but a square meal to start the day is just what your body needs to dominate the baton twirling competition. Here are some helpful tips from the experts at Star Line:

Posted: 5/17/2017

Staying Hydrated When Practicing In the Heat

A majority of baton twirling practice happens outside where there the space allows for high tosses and traveling moves, and since summer demands practice for both competitions and football games alike, it's important to know how to handle the heat. When involved in physical activity outside in the heat, your biggest danger is dehydration. Water helps your body maintain its temperature and circulation keeping your vital organs at normal temperature. Cases of dehydration can lead to thirst, fatigue, dizziness, and extreme cases can result in disorientation, heat stroke, or death. To help you stay hydrated during those hot practices, Starline Baton has gathered some safety tips.

  1. Drink water. About two liters, around eight glasses, of water are recommended each day, and when you spend the day in the heat, more water consumption will replenish sweat.
  2. For short practices (an hour or less), make sure to drink water before, during, and after the practice. For long practices (1+ hours), do the same, but along with water, drink a sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade to restore some carbohydrates and electrolytes.
  3. Keep track of how much water you are losing. If you are thirsty, youíre already dehydrated, and if your urine is darker than pale yellow, you need to be taking in more water. Keep a half-gallon insulated water jug around so you have a cold drinking supply close by.
  4. Potassium and Sodium are critical for your body absorb water, so make sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and an occasional salty snack like pretzels. The healthier you eat, the better state your body will be in to handle the heat.
  5. End your practice with some protein to help replenish what may have been lost in perspiration. Try some low-fat chocolate milk. Itís both a reward and a healthy choice!

Posted: 4/12/2017

Stretches That will Improve your X-Strut Moves

If youíve been twirling competitively for a while, you have probably graduated from a basic strut to an x-strut. X-struts are not like a typical baton twirling routine. They require that the rod remains in your palm at all times. That means no tossing, rolling, etc. Therefore, the routine relies on both a hands-on manipulation of the baton as well as kicks, illusions, and other graceful moves. One thing these moves all have in common is flexibility. To help you with your X-strut routine, Starline Baton has put together this list of stretches and tips on how to properly execute them in order to help you take your illusions to the next level.

Posted: 3/29/2017

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