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Which Foods Can Help Your Athletic Performance

Participating in sports requires a great deal of energy, and healthy food is the best source of fuel. Whether you’re a color guard performer, a baton twirler or a football player, certain foods can help you prepare for the big day. As the game approaches, consider smaller meals packed with nutrients. The following foods can help you improve your overall athletic performance: Protein When some people hear “protein,” they picture huge plates of processed meats like bacon and burgers. Some sources of protein are better than others. These healthy protein sources will benefit you as gameday approaches: Eggs Greek yogurt Lean meat like chicken breast Fish Hummus / chickpeas Healthy Fats Fats in foods have a reputation for negative health outcomes. However, healthy fats create much-needed, sustained energy. To perform at your peak, consider the following sources of healthy fats: Avocado Peanut butter (watch out for sugar content) Nuts Olive oil Flaxseed Carbohydrates T

Posted: 10/15/2021

How to Prepare for a Virtual Baton Twirling Competition

With pandemic restrictions being lifted, in-person sports are making a slow return. For now, virtual competitions look like they’re here to stay. Competitions have gone virtual for many top baton twirling organizations. This makes the events accessible to more talented twirlers but also creates its own set of challenges. Here’s how you can prepare for a virtual competition. Practice, Practice, Practice Watch home videos from other baton twirlers to see how you can make the most of the virtual format. Before you decide on a routine, see how it looks on camera. Just like you would for an in-person twirling competition, you need to practice before you compete. Since judges won’t have any distractions from your performance, it’s more important than ever to perfect your routine. Test Out Camera Angles When competing in person, there’s no doubt that the judges can see everything you do. It’s different when you’re performing for a camera. Make sure your whole routine can be seen cle

Posted: 10/1/2021

5 Reasons to Get Involved in Praise Dance

Since the first people learned to walk, they also learned to dance. In fact, you can find cave drawings of dance routines. Spiritual dancing in particular has been around for thousands of years. Its existence in Christianity started before the founding of the Church, rooted in Jewish tradition. Dancing as a form of spiritual expression has benefits for mental, physical and, of course, spiritual health. Here are some of the reasons we recommend getting involved in praise dance. Praise Without Words Expressing feelings to the Lord in the form of dance, rather than through words, tells an unfiltered story. By dancing, you can express joy, abundance, and rejoicing, as well as emotions on the thoughtful side of spiritual life. This is even encouraged in some Bible verses, like Psalm 150:4: “Praise Him with the timbrel and dance; Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!” Connection with Others Praise through dance allows you to form deep connections with others, especially au

Posted: 9/17/2021

Encouraging Your Child to Pursue Sports

From football and basketball to color guard and baton twirling, children benefit in many ways from participating in sports. Sports help children learn technical skills while developing a sense of, well, sportsmanship. They learn about the importance of practicing a craft and teamwork. Athletics help students not only navigate school but also their futures. Want to help your child find the right sport for them? Here are a few ways to encourage their decision: Let Your Child Choose The first tip is letting your kids pick what they’re passionate about. Just because you loved playing baseball as a kid does not mean your child will enjoy baseball. If you bring your child to a game and they’re in awe of the color guard or cheerleaders, that could be their path. When in doubt, let them try out multiple sports! Watch the Sport Together One way to get your child motivated to try a sport is to share in their interest. Take time out of the day to watch highlights of the pros excelling in

Posted: 9/3/2021

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