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History of Baton Twirling

Baton twirling today is defined by a metal rod with rubber ends being manipulated close to the body and thrown into the air in a sport that combines fluidity, fitness, speed, gymnastics, and beauty. This modern day style of twirling also requires the twirler to stay on beat with music while telling a story with his or her movements. Yet, twirling did not always look how it does now. Our Star Line Batons are perfect for the modern day baton twirler, but if you wanted to go back to the beginning of the tradition, you would have to go to a very different store and secure a weapon.

Posted: 3/14/2017

Reward your Baton Twirlers Hard Practice

No matter what stage you are at in baton twirling, there’s only one way to improve, and that’s practice. But, sometimes it’s difficult to bring ourselves to practice those necessary minutes and hours. Experts in twirling batons at Star Line Baton understand that even if you love twirling, sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to log that practice time. Here are two methods you can use or adapt to get you or a twirling pupil to practice their way toward stylish, no-drop routines. If you are trying to inspire a younger twirling pupil to practice the tricks, teach them the pepperoni chart. The first thing you need to get is a poster. Then, using construction paper, make a pizza with brown paper crust, red pepper sauce, and yellow paper cheese. Once you have your pizza assembled, it’s time to add the pepperoni or whatever pizza topping your young twirler prefers, and the only way to top the pizza is through practice. Add a topping for every 15 minutes of practice

Posted: 2/28/2017

Three Basic Color Guard Moves

Marching band parades with the girls carrying those colorful flags are so much fun to watch. However, moving these flags to the beat of the music requires a lot of practice and technique also known as color guard moves. Star Line Baton, expert providers of both batons and color guard flags, has compiled some basic color guard moves for those just becoming acquainted with color guard. Right or Left Shoulder Position: Out of these two, the right position would be most common in the color guard routine. Right position will also typically be the position to enter and exit the field. To achieve this position, hold the bottom stopper in your left hand and hold the pole right under the flag with your right hand at the level of your forehead. Keep your left hand at the belly button level with the pole straight and centered with your nose. Right, Left, or Front Present Position: To achieve a front present, start with your right shoulder position and extend your right arm parallel to the g

Posted: 2/14/2017

What is the United States Twirling Association?

What is the United States Twirling Association (USTA) and what is its purpose? Let our baton twirling team explain what USTA is and the importance that it plays in the twirling world!
What is USTA
The United States Twirling Association dedicates itself to being a nonprofit national sports organization focusing on the youth. Their main focus is positive youth development achieved through baton twirling. The USTA provides recreational, educational, and competitive options and programs for their members consisting of twirlers, twirler supporters and coaches.
The USTA sanctions about 200 twirling clinics and competitions from local to national levels. This allows for an atmosphere filled with fun and respectable sportsmanship. Every summer, the USTA hosts the U.S. National Baton Twirling Championships along with another competition called Festival of the Future. These contests and festivals are hosted throughout the cou

Posted: 1/20/2017

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