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Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Baton Twirling

As your child grows, so does the importance of socialization and agility. What structured activities you choose your them to participate in will influence those developmental areas. Will they be a football player, a soccer star, or part of a dance team? Baton twirling is a good way for you and your child to start their journey of structured activities. There are many benefits your child will gain by joining this sport. These are expressed through the ABCs of movement skills which stand for agility, balance, coordination, and speed. Our Star Line professionals have put together a few benefits why your child should unlock their twirling potential.

Baton twirling allows your child the chance to work on their agility, their speed, and their hand-eye coordination. All of these skills play an integral part in your childís development.

Provides your child with the skills needed to move quickly and efficiently, sometimes doing two things at once with perfect ease. Each baton twirling routine helps improve mental alertness. Practicing the each routine can help your child enhance their ability to think and understand quickly.

A fundamental in developing your childís motor skills. It is necessary for maintaining every day controlled positions such as sitting in a chair or partaking in physical activities. Throughout a baton twirling a child is taught to rely on their core balance through various moves.

Through baton twirling a child can learn how to move their bodies in a way that promotes balance and structure. Additionally, their hand-eye coordination will improve and assist them in everyday activities such as: writing with a pencil, folding their clothes, and even pouring water in a glass.

One skill that is unrelated to movement, but just as important is socialization. The process of learning how to socialize with others will help your child develop social skills that can be applied throughout their life. Working with a team or a coach is an important lesson for children to learn because it teaches them determination, dedication, and respect. The choreography of baton twirling is designed to promote expression of the body through movement and dance. The essential skills mentioned above are all things that stimulate a child's brain and encourages growth. They will with give your child the ability to be confident and competent note only in their baton twirling journey, but life as well.

Posted: 6/19/2017

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