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Battling Performance Anxiety

is not uncommon for athletes and performers to go through something called performance anxiety. This is not to be confused with being worried because it is more to the extreme. Rapid heart rate, sweating, and under-confidence can occur from a rush of adrenaline, and baton twirling experts, Starline Baton, believe it is crucial to know how performance anxiety can affect people physically and mentally.

When a sports player becomes conscious about something, he/she will feel very heated and perspire, normally on the hands and face. Inhaling and exhaling can be a problem because the brain is not getting enough oxygen, which could lead to them passing out. Another symptom that is evident in performance anxiety is the inability to concentrate. Competition can be fierce and can weigh a lot on an athleteís shoulders. When this happens, their mind gets scattered and apprehension arises because theyíre afraid to lose. With that apprehension, they can get shaky due to more adrenaline and if not controlled, the body can collapse.

Now that you are aware of the symptoms of performance anxiety, there are some ways that to combat this issue by using some relaxing techniques. This would include lying down in a dark room and relaxing internally. Sometimes massaging the body is necessary to help stabilizing the heart rate and blood pressure. Another way to decrease heart rate and blood pressure is the opposite of massaging and thatís tensing different muscles. The tension and release of that tension can help to relax the muscles to avoid stiffness.

For those who have a tendency to hyperventilate, diaphragmatic breathing would be a good exercise. This is done by contracting the diaphragm and should be done several times a day. Another technique is visualization where the athlete or performer can picture themselves scoring a point or getting first place in an event. This can help to suppress their anxiety and boost their confidence.

Performers and sports players have a lot going on in their lives and it can be a lot of pressure to try and come out on top. Competition can get wild and they feel that everyone is counting on them to make it big, especially from their families. Baton twirling experts, Starline Baton, knows all about competition, and if you have any questions or concerns or you are interested in what we do, donít hesitate to contact us at (931) 528-7829.

Posted: 9/15/2017

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