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Color Guard Coaches: Tips and Tricks

To those who arenít well-versed in color guard, coaching a team may sound easy. However, color guard is an intensive sport that requires hours and hours of practice a day, as well as costuming, theming, choreography, gymnastics, and prop work. Every aspect that goes into a great routine is planned and implemented by the coach. Hereís how you can manage coaching color guard. Hire Help Find co-coaches who are as passionate about color guard that you are. Try to look for someone who may excel in an aspect that you donít; i.e. if costuming isnít your thing, look for someone who loves design! Use Your Resources Youíre only human and canít be expected to know the answers to everything. There are plenty of national guard circuits that you can reach out to. Many even offer mentor programs. Search for fellow color guard coaches on social media channels, and reach out to them to collaborate. For inspiration, check out Pinterest or Youtube. Work With Your Team Each member of your team has their own skill set. Work with your team to create routines that incorporate where they excel and challenges them to tackle new moves. By incorporating your teamís strengths and building up their core skills, you can create unique and show-stopping performances. Team Bonding Speaking of your team, a team is only as good as its members. Encourage team bonding by planning group activities, such as a meal out or a game night. Encourage members to spend time together both before and after practices, and be sure that bullying is not tolerated. Being a color guard coach is a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience. For more information on color guard and to find equipment thatís perfect for your team, visit our website.

Posted: 9/9/2020

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