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How to Avoid Color Guard Burnout

Color guard takes more time, athleticism and skill than most people realize. It involves hours of weekly practice, travel, and performing complicated routines in all kinds of weather. Therefore, it’s understandable that members of color guard experience burnout. Here’s what you can do to avoid becoming burnt out on doing what you love. Warm Up, Cool Down, and Rest When you’re trying to nail a routine, it can be tempting to skip stretching before and after or taking time to cool down before moving on with your day. However, missing out on these important steps can have serious consequences, like increased chance of bruising or sprains. The same goes for rest. Rest gives your body time to recover completely from movement. If you don’t take time to rest, you won’t be performing at your best. Schedule Relaxation If you feel like you’re just going through the motions from practice to performance, it will catch up with you. Taking time throughout the week to focus on self care is jus

Posted: 8/20/2021

Helping Your Child Achieve Their Baton Twirling Dreams

Each year, thousands of kids decide they want to try the sport of baton twirling. Many children start twirling the baton when they’re young and keep going until high school or college. This path involves hard work and dedication to the baton twirling craft. If your child has decided they’re up for the task, here’s how you can encourage them to achieve their dreams. Start with the Basics Sign them up for beginner lessons. This is where they’ll learn how to safely and properly twirl the baton. Then, buy a starter kit. Make sure you have the right baton, case, and uniform or costume parts so your child can participate in baton twirling. Keep in mind that your child is going to need a lot of time to practice. Encourage your kid to work practice time into their schedule. Once they decide they want to go further with baton twirling, figure out the next steps. Give Them Space As much as you want to protect your child, you need to give them room to fail. You can check in on them while

Posted: 8/6/2021

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