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Basic Color Guard Moves

No matter what sport you play, there are always basics to learn. The same goes for color guard! Every time a colorful flag is tossed into the air, color guard members are using advanced techniques that build upon their basic skills. Generally speaking, there are three main basic moves in color guard. Right Shoulder Position For the right position, hold the bottom stopper in your left hand, near your belly button. Use your right hand to hold the pole just under the flag, typically at forehead level. Try to keep the pole centered with your nose. Right, Left, or Front Present Position In order to achieve a front present, extend your right arm parallel to the ground, being sure to keep the pole away from your body. For right position, extend your right arm so that the pole crosses over your left shoulder. To achieve left present position, bring your right elbow up to your chin to cross the pole in the other direction. Right of Left Slam Like its namesake, slams are done quickly and forcefully. For a right slam, begin with your right shoulder position and position your left-hand level at your belly button; the flag should be parallel to your body. Then, moving quickly, bring your right hand up, slamming the tip of the flag towards the ground. This should put the flat at a 45-degree angle. For a left slam, simply switch the position of your hands. For all of your basic color guard needs, consider Starline Baton. Our color guard shop includes sabres, rifles, mace batons, Samoan knives, and more!

Posted: 9/23/2020

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